Anyone with even a passing familiarity with the notice boards on Commons, or 
who is subscribed to this mailing list, will be aware of a huge, wide-ranging 
and unfocused set of disputes and ill-natured arguments that have been raging 
for several months. The disputes are becoming more and more intemperate, and 
the positions of some editors more and more entrenched. While a few 
contributors have tried hard to pull the community back to constructive 
discussion and have made sensible suggestions, their comments have been drowned 
out in the noise.

We need to stop now and focus not on stating a re-stating positions, but on 
making definite and constructive proposals for ways in which these issues can 
be fixed. The discussion on this list has been non-productive for some time, 
and I suggest that editors should drop discussion there and should focus 
attention on the discussion on Commons:

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