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>> > IMO the WMF should stop focusing on English Wikipedia as a target
>> > deploy site, and stop allowing its product management team and WMF
>> > staff in general to be salesman for it - it is scaring the community
>> > that all WMF staff seem to be so heavily vested in this 'product' as
>> > the salvation of the wikis.
>> >
>> This is rank hyperbole.
>> The MediaWiki deployment train delivers new software to all projects every
>> week. One stage is to non-Wikipedia projects, which actually get new
>> software *first.* Then in a second stage is for all Wikipedias
>> simultaneously. So the default behavior for rollouts, if all you do is
>> merge your code and wait, is that English Wikipedia gets basically no
>> special treatment..[1]
>> Now, for larger feature rollouts like VisualEditor or MediaViewer, the
>> testing stage and eventual launch set their own special schedule. We have
>> used English Wikipedia as a testing ground a lot in the past, which is
>> natural when you consider a variety of factors.[2] That doesn't mean we
>> haven't worked hard to test things out with non-English projects. Some
>> examples:
> I am sure you have tested things out on various wikis, but I can confirm
> that seeing things been rolled out from a non-English wiki, they multiple
> times look like if the English community has requested it or has been
> copied from. One (large) example is the TemplateData part of the
> VisualEditor which seems to us (nl-wiki) copied from the English Wikipedia,
> in multiple ways. This is not how we work with templates.

IIRC Visual Editor depends on writing TemplateData JSON for all your
projects templates, using a mix of local language (parameter
descriptions) and English (JSON keywords), which works real well for
languages like Arabic and Hebrew.

John Vandenberg

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