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> Hi.
> So I saw this YouTube video yesterday about kids reacting to printed
> encyclopedia: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X7aJ3xaDMuM&noredirect=1
> It made me sad. And very fearful of the future of Wikipedia.
> These kids do not appreciate knowledge and information because they grew up
> with its abundance. When I was growing up (and I am only 30), printed
> encyclopedia was the only research tool.

You would have been 8 years old when Encarta was launched.

> Those kids never deprived of knowledge and information will never know how
> precious it is.

Eh you always hit walls sooner or later. A lot of information is still
buried in libraries (the best soruce I'm aware of for theThe jewelry of
roman Britain is a book written in 1996). Other stuff is behind paywalls or
is commercially sensitive. Or simply doesn't exist (there doesn't seem to
be a solid history of calshot castle anywhere).

> They will not have the same love that is required to edit
> Wikipedia and write quality articles. And it makes me sad.

I think there will be other motivations.

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