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> Thank you for sharing this, Renata -- cool video!
> But I think I'm taking the exact opposite from it. It makes me happy. It
> seems to me these kids love information -- and are eager to say so! -- and
> love books, too, most of them expressed sadness at the idea of books
> disappearing (but also, shock at the idea that an encyclopedia would cost
> $1500).
> I do think you have a good point, that the absence of Wikipedia in our
> early lives provided big motivation for many of us to devote energy to
> creating Wikipedia. I'm not sure that spells doom for Wikipedia, though --
> rather, I'd say different kinds of motivation (more specific to one's
> passions and interests, rather than a general desire to build a
> comprehensive compendium) will fuel the next wave of Wikipedians.
> People will probably value knowledge in different ways as it becomes more
> abundant and less centralized, but I have a hard time believing they will
> *cease* to value knowledge.
> Pete
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