The spirit of the Wikimedia Movement I suppose is to be "respectful" of each person.

There is the freedom to be informed, there is the freedom of the opinion but these freedoms have limits and the limits are set where another freedom starts because I think that it's clear that there are other freedoms like the respect of the privacy.

Anyway I suggest you to make your proposal to person in charge of the selection, appointed every time the process starts, may be this person can take your comment in consideration.

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On 21.10.2015 15:49, Rodrigo Tetsuo Argenton wrote:
That's the spirit of Wikimedia Movement, censorship...

I was talking about the list, you said: " it's not good to give publicly
comments on the candidates." and I asked why, you decided not answer.

And you know that AffCom screwed WMBR, so don't come with "If you are
member of a chapter, please ask internally to your chapter, not to me."
just to border me.

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