I will be simple like explaining it to a baby.

On 21.10.2015 16:29, Rodrigo Tetsuo Argenton wrote:
How about less provocations, attempts to breakdown the conversation with
violence, and support our idea in a civilized manner ? So " it's not good
to give publicly comments on the candidates.", why do you think that?

I think nothing. I administer a list where the entities involved in the process decided that.

Decision taken by these entities, I execute their decision.

I am, politely, addressing you to the right place to discuss it.

I am not understanding your affirmation, because you did not offer any
argument that corroborates to your statement.

Yes, I know, you do not understand.

Anyway we can continue "ad libitum" for the sample reason that you don't like it but it's not up to me to support your dislike.


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