Hi Seddon,

By "And in this instance although the test was successful, we had decided
although a winner, it was the lessons to take away that were more
important. From there we hope to arrive at a banner that draws from the
success but is delivered in a way that is easier on the eye." are you
saying that
you've decided to discontinue the inline fundraising but will use lessons
from it to design banners?

By the way, I thought that some of the WMF folks on Facebook had a good
idea when they suggested the "I <3 Wikipedia" frames on peoples' profile
pictures. That brings to mind that in a previous round of fundraising that
had banners with Wikimedians' photos and some fundraising messages that I
believe were written by them. Perhaps you could consider bringing back
a version of that campaign.

I believe that there is some tradeoff in the length of the campaign and the
boldness of the fundraising, so to a certain extent I'm reluctantly willing
to accept bold fundraising if that means that the campaign ends sooner.

I feel strongly that the campaign should stick to 100% of its stated
not intentionally overshoot the target for purposes of padding the
reserves. When WMF says that its goal is $X, then it should end the
campaign when it has high certainty that it has reached $X. If that means
that a campaign ends a week early, so much the better.


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