More than it represents a feasible concept that can be significantly
improved upon. Reducing it's footprint, improving the look and feel so that
it reduces its impact on the page.

With regards to user appeals with photos:
1) They are notoriously difficult to be successful. We spent a whole year
trying to beat Jimmy's face and Brandon was the only one who ever came
2) our banners follow closely trends on the wider web. Donor preferences at
the moment seem to follow an image-lite experience. We tried last year
reintroducing info graphics or pictures only to remove them again. Its an
area we regularly reassess to see if our readers tastes have changed.


On 2 Dec 2016 06:17, "Pine W" <> wrote:

> Hi Seddon,
> By "And in this instance although the test was successful, we had decided
> that
> although a winner, it was the lessons to take away that were more
> important. From there we hope to arrive at a banner that draws from the
> success but is delivered in a way that is easier on the eye." are you
> saying that
> you've decided to discontinue the inline fundraising but will use lessons
> learned
> from it to design banners?
> By the way, I thought that some of the WMF folks on Facebook had a good
> idea when they suggested the "I <3 Wikipedia" frames on peoples' profile
> pictures. That brings to mind that in a previous round of fundraising that
> had banners with Wikimedians' photos and some fundraising messages that I
> believe were written by them. Perhaps you could consider bringing back
> a version of that campaign.
> I believe that there is some tradeoff in the length of the campaign and the
> boldness of the fundraising, so to a certain extent I'm reluctantly willing
> to accept bold fundraising if that means that the campaign ends sooner.
> I feel strongly that the campaign should stick to 100% of its stated
> target,
> not intentionally overshoot the target for purposes of padding the
> reserves. When WMF says that its goal is $X, then it should end the
> campaign when it has high certainty that it has reached $X. If that means
> that a campaign ends a week early, so much the better.
> Thanks,
> Pine
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