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> This reminds me of en wiki's non-free policy.
> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Non-free_content_criteria#1
> highlights the point fairly clearly Usage of non-free materials is often
> easier and higher quality than using the free equivalent . However
> Wikimedia's mission and goal's are to support and promote free content, yes
> you will need to jump thru a few more hoops and adds a little more work.
> But without those driving factors we will often see the free options wither
> and fail.

In general I do not think attempting to apply English Wikipedia policies to
product development is particularly meaningful, given that writing an
online encyclopaedia is very different from developing software.
Regardless, I do not think there is anyone opposed to this ideological
statement, but as I have explained in my email, ideology and reality
sometimes come in to conflict.


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