Thanks for your thoughtful response.  There are two gneral issues around
the Advisory Board that members of the Community might be interested in.

Firstly, it seems that after having lapsed in 2015, the Advisory Board has
been reconstituted, but there has been no announcement to the Community,
and indeed the Community was given no opportunity to engage with the
process of reconstitution (for example, by way of suggesting new members or
new processes).  In particular, we in the Community do not know who the new
Advisory Board members are, or what the new remit of the Advisory Board is,
or whether and how to engage with those members.

Secondly, as a consequence there are no established channels for engagement
between the Advisory Board and the Community.  As a member of the new
Avdvisory Board, you may wish to encourage your colleagues to establish
appropriate opportunities and rules of engagement for yourself and your
fellow members to engage with the Community.

You mentioned "tradtions".  I am sorry to say that my personal view is that
the relationship between the Board of Trustees and the wider Foundation on
the one hand and the Community of contributors and consumers on the other
has "traditionally" been less than satisfctory.  I hope that this is one
tradition that your advice will be helpful in overturning.


On Sun, Jun 25, 2017 at 4:43 PM, Craig Newmark <>

> Rogol, I'm on the advisory board, and actively involved in related issues,
> but have hesitated posting in respect for Community traditions (as I learn
> them) and also, as a large effort emerges in journalism regarding reliable
> sources.
> Specifically, the latter involves the News Integrity Initiative centered at
> the City University of NY, graduate journalism department.
> That's to say, I hesitate until I learn the respectful way to talk about
> this, and until the NII has a lot more to say.
> Additional constraint per the ethics of funding nonprofit journalism, per
> the American Press Institute: when I say something, I need to be
> transparent while also Doing No Harm.  (The latter is surprisingly
> difficult.) To that effect, I gotta disclose that I provide significant
> funding to the NII as well as WMF.
> I'd appreciate your advice, and that of anyone interested in this subject.
> Thanks!
> Craig Newmark, founder craigslist
> On Sat, Jun 24, 2017 at 7:10 AM, Rogol Domedonfors <>
> wrote:
> > This Board was fomed in 2007 to advise the  Wikimedia Foundation, and was
> > required to be renewed annually.  No resolution was made to do so in
> 2015,
> > so by the beginning of 2016 it had lapsed.  This status is reflected at
> > but the corresponding
> page
> > at is seriously out
> of
> > date (it was written when the board was still in existence).  Just about
> a
> > year ago, Dariusz assured me that "it is one of the BGC's priorities to
> > revise and re-ignite the Advisory Board" and indeed the BGC minutes for
> > April published a couple of days ago at
> >
> > Board_Governance_Committee/Minutes_13-04-2017
> > show that the BGC took a paper (not made public) from Dariusz on the
> > subject and agreed to "submit a formal proposal to the Board".  No Board
> > resoultion on the subject has yet been published.
> >
> > Rather confusingly, shortly after the BGC meeting, Florence wrote a page
> >
> > movement/2017/Sources/WMF_Advisory_board
> > recording the Advisory Board's opinions on matters arising in the current
> > movement strategy process.  So it would seem that within a fortnight of
> the
> > BGC meeting, an entity called the Advisory Board was already in existence
> > again.
> >
> > What is the status of the Avisory Board?  Has it been reconstiuted, and
> if
> > so, when, and who are its new members?  If it has not been reconstituted,
> > what is the status of Florence's record?  If and when the Advisory Board
> is
> > reconstituted, will input from the Community for potential members be
> > welcome, and if so how will it be gathered?  Once the Board is in
> operation
> > again, is it expected that it will interact with  the Community, and if
> so,
> > what will the mechanism be for that interaction.
> >
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