Thanks to everyone for the feedback.

One point of some agreement among commenters is that they would prefer
WMYHTW emails to be shorter. Those would be faster for me to write, but
some problems with having a shorter list of subjects each week are that it
could more easily lead to criticism about the content being
unrepresentative of Wikiverse activities and too reflective of one person's

I had hoped that having a variety of people participate in these threads
would add diversity to the content, but participation from others has been

I will need more time to process this feedback and think about what to do.
I don't think that any one option will satisfy everyone. One possibility is
that I will stop sending these emails to Wikimedia-l, but will continue to
write the version that appears in *The Signpost*. Another possibility is
that I could write the shorter version for a few weeks and see what people
think about it, but I worry about this option creating new problems, so at
the moment I a leaning toward the previous option.

If anyone has additional feedback to share then please let me know.

Thank you,

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