Hi Peter,

Personally, I'm a fan of having this in LocalSettings.php :
$wgGroupPermissions['*']['edit'] = false; // anonymous editing disabled.
$wgEmailConfirmToEdit = true; // have to confirm email address to edit.

It allows anyone to create an account, and edit, once they have
confirmed their email address, by clicking the link. It takes about 30
seconds to do, and it's pretty quick and easy. I think (correct me if
I'm wrong) you have to have someone manually do something to enable
editing currently for the aussie wiki, which I for one have simply have
never bothered to do because it sounds like a bit of a hassle. Allowing
people to confirm themselves is definitely a step lower in terms of
security, but still seems to stop almost all spammers. However at the
other end of the spectrum (open editing, lowest security, highest
accessibility), the wikis with open editing seem to accumulate some
spam/automated gibberish/general crap though (not a raging torrent, but
enough to be annoying).

Just my 2 cents.

-- All the best,

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Hi all,

Having been fairly active on the aussie wiki for the last little while -
a thought occurred to me... Have we tried allowing open access to

The whole idea of allowing IP editing is sort of counter-intuitive in
many ways - but perhaps it might help engage folk passing through? -
It's certainly one way for people to ask questions etc.

My apologies if this has been discussed at length previously - but I'd
like to see if anyone out there agrees with me that it might well be
worth a try? - I've no idea how technically difficult it is to 'turn on'
IP editing, or turn it off again if it's a disaster! - but hopefully
it's not too big a deal....


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