I think I have to ask, what kind of things could/would a non-member
edit on the site? Not to say that I'm adverse to the idea, but I don't
really see a large benefit right now.

The site is acting as the front for the chapter, and most of the pages
are records and our official statements and projects and whatnot, so
having anons and/or non-members able to edit them could be
problematic. There isn't much, besides that.

Actually, I think the fact that all of that information is openly
available as it is is already enough.

If the idea goes through however, I'd have to remind that we have to
start applying page protection to some stuff! Y'know, the only reason
I fixed that collapsible box thing way back when was because I
discovered that I could modify the Mediawiki namespace.

The idea of page protection would also naturally progress to sorting
out more access rights for accounts, anyway. Right now there's no need
for either, since only members have access.

2009/5/29  <peterjer...@optushome.com.au>:
> On 2009-May-27 14:17:47 +1000, private musings <thepmacco...@gmail.com> wrote:
>>The big change here is that we'd be opening the doors to WMAU website
>>editing to folk who aren't members - I see this as a good thing - I think it
>>would encourage folk to engage with the site, and possibly lead to
>>membership down the track.
> I think it is reasonable to open up editing for registered users (as
> per Nick's suggestion).  I don't see any real benefit in opening
> editing for anonymous users.  It might be useful to keep members in a
> separate category so non-member editing can be disabled easily if it
> turns out to be a problem (though I don't expect it to be).
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