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> I think I have to ask, what kind of things could/would a non-member
> edit on the site?

They might like to RSVP to an event. That's the main thing that comes to

Also discussion pages (discuss a policy or concern), or fix a typo or

And they might like to be able to contribute in the time leading up to
taking on membership.

And there will be unforeseen reasons too. I know this is a friendly
discussion, but it feels odd having to justify why a wiki should be open

Lastly, it's a bit of a turn off having to email someone and waiting for
response to get access, and I'm sure there are people who simply would see
that requirement as being too much bother in comparison to the edit they
want to make, or even take the restriction as being less than than

If spam is the main reason to have accounts, would using a CAPTCHA for
non-confirmed accounts help? (is that a simple option in Mediawiki?)

Otherwise I'd recommend nothing more restrictive than "confirm email address
to edit"

Peter Halasz
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