I think to get more volunteers involved we need a way to communicate with
more volunteers. There appear to be many people in the 




and its various sub-categories, sub-sub-categories etc. Perhaps we should
"talk" to them on-wiki and see if we can get them to join this mailing list.
Then at least we might have a better way to communicate to them about events
and projects, such as Freopedia. I won't go so far as to call it a
membership drive, but at least let's try and recruit more sympathisers.


Also, Adam mentioned using Meetup 




as a way to perhaps attract new people to local events. If you are not
familiar with Meetup, it sends people who are signed up a weekly (I think)
email about events coming up that seem to match their interests based on
past registration or that their friends (Facebook or whatever you've been
been willing to share with it) are registered for. The site seems have a lot
of "geeky" kinds of groups and events so this might be a good place to
recruit. The other similar thing that we might use is EventBrite:




which is similar (probably a bit more focussed on ticketing) but it's used a
lot by State Library of Queensland and other libraries, so again it might be
a way to reach into communities who engage with libraries who might have
some natural sympathies with Wikipedia. AFAIK, both of the above sites are
free to use for free events (which fits pretty much everything we do). 


Of course, if we start recruiting from outside of WMF sites, we must
remember that we are likely recruit people without editing skills so we must
have a plan to address this. 






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I just want to endorse Gnangarra's final comment here as well - the best way
to get projects going is to get out and do them.  I was at a very
interesting Wikimania presentation given by Asaf Bartov in Hong Kong where
he posited that you needed at least five people involved in a project for it
to have good prospects of success.  The projects that Gnangarra is
spearheading in WA meet that criteria, but I would really like to see more
projects being offered up that everyone across the country could get excited
about and make meaningful contributions to, preferably without needing to
leave the comfort of their own home.  On the flipside, if you sit around
waiting for someone else to take the initiative and do the hard work on that
project you think is really important, then you might just be waiting for a
long time ;-).


The primary constraint for Wikimedia Australia in the past couple of years
has been volunteer time, not money.  I expect that that will continue to be
the case for the next twelve to eighteen months at least.





On 8 October 2013 20:38, Gnangarra <gnanga...@gmail.com> wrote:

well some that come to mind
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Freo - Freopedia only cost for
WMAU has been Craig to Perth for the Launch, and from reports was well
recieved at Wikimania in Hong Kong...
prelude to a Wikitown there.
then there 2 of us doign a workshop tomorrow in Toodyay, and 3 of us
being part of the Shire of Toodyay demostrations on Saturday for a
third WikiTown there -- WMAU approved $200 to cover some expenses but
well below the true costs of running the two

add to that, the work of SatuSuro
and to that a larger Wheatbelt project...

Its not talking about ideas thats going to change things it needs more
people to get out there and do things,




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