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> I also agree that the chapter and its volunteers *have* done a lot of great
> work over the past few years, and I think you've hit the nail on the head
> that we've often failed to effectively communicate our successes.  Part of
> any projects going forward will be a need to say "here's how we're going to
> measure success" before we actually dive in on any project, so that we can
> either use that measurement as justification for further funding, or use
> that measurement to figure out what went wrong and make sure we don't make
> the same mistake twice.

and then:

> Absolutely, a lot of volunteers have pitched in at some time or another and 
> done some great work that have (in my opinion) led to positive outcomes for 
> the movement.  Enough that I'm not going to even try to enumerate them all 
> for fear that I'll leave someone out :-).

Hi Craig,
Although forward planning of outcome metrics is obviously a good thing
for the future, I think we should make an effort now to compile
outcomes and metrics for projects, programs and grants that have
already taken place.  Is there an onwiki page for this, or a table to
fill out for each project or grant we have undertaken?  I know there
are some reports linked from here
http://www.wikimedia.org.au/wiki/Reports#Small_grants but surely there
are more hanging around?  Even though you can't enumerate them off the
top of your head, we *should* be able to enumerate them if everyone
writes up the outcomes of projects we've individually been involved
with.  I know there are huge outcomes as a result of the SLNSW
training and residency.. but maybe they have not been tabulated into
reportable dotpoints?

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