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> Dear Rohini,
> *I have been on-board several Wiki mailing lists and closed emailing
>> groups for a few years now,*
> Congrats for being 'on-board' of several Wiki-mailing lists. I do
> appreciate kind of energy and efforts needed to to be on-board/to join Wiki
> Mailing List. Hats off to you for managing this brilliantly.  It must be
> difficult job to remain silent simultaneously on several mailing lists at
> same time.
> *but this is the first time I have been piqued to respond to such a
>> 'discussion'. *
> I have special respect for personalities like you who make special
> appearance on mailing lists to protect views of friends/colleagues, that
> too by keeping aside neutral point of view. This is rare quality, please
> preserve it.
> Great to know apart from putting up effort for being on(-board) mailing
> list - you also reply back.
> *As I see it, the Chapter has committed to transparency and
>> accountability; nothing is wrong with it having some money of its own.
>> *
> More than happy to know you also agree with me. I have already encouraged
> in-kind donation collection.
> Most importantly - Its people like you who define mailing lists by special
> cameo appearance's. You expertise in maintaining silence (on several
> mailing lists!) and speaking up when needed are commendable.
> Keep up great work!
> If you wanted to only praise her, you could have sent her a private mail.
This list is getting annoying day by day. I rarely get to see some
collaborative work/discussions happening. All people try to do is pull each
others leg and fight, fight, fight! Sad indeed.

Warm Regards,
*Pratik Lahoti*
User:BPositive <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:BPositive>

*Speak less, work more....*
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