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> wrote:
> The only real cost for
> > that is travel - picking some numbers out of thin air, if we say we
> > want visit 5 schools, with a team of 3 going to each school, and it
> > costs £100 per person to get there, that comes to £1500, a reasonable
> > amount to ask for.
> Well that figure is OTT. A more reasonable amount would be 1 at 100
> and two local wikipedians at much less. For example an offpeak travel
> card in london costs 7 odd quid. So by choosing Londoners to visit the
> London schools costs would be cut considerably. I'm pretty sure the
> same could be said for other towns.
> Of course 5 schools is paltry. Upping it to 15 would easily up the
> numbers to a reasonable amount.
> Theresa

I could easily cover cardiff.

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