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>  The only real cost for
>> that is travel - picking some numbers out of thin air, if we say we
>> want visit 5 schools, with a team of 3 going to each school, and it
>> costs £100 per person to get there, that comes to £1500, a reasonable
>> amount to ask for.
> Well that figure is OTT.  A more reasonable amount would be 1 at 100
> and two local wikipedians at much less. For example an offpeak travel
> card in london costs 7 odd quid. So by choosing Londoners to visit the
> London schools costs would be cut considerably. I'm pretty sure the
> same could be said for other towns.

That depends on to who we get to volunteer. I guess we can choose the
initial schools according to where we have volunteers, and probably
halve the cost per school. Later schools may end up costing more,
since we don't want to concentrate too much on schools in just a few

> Of course 5 schools is paltry. Upping it to 15 would easily up the
> numbers to a reasonable amount.

I was thinking 5 as a starting point to see how it goes. For all we
know it might not work and it's all a waste of time and money (I think
that's unlikely, but really I can only guess). We'll know either way
after the first 5. Perhaps we should see if we can get £750 for the
first 5 with the option of another £1500 for 10 more if they go well.
After that, we'll hopefully have out own funds to continue (and we
could acquire sponsorship from Becta or similar - if we have a few
schools willing to say how brilliant we were, it shouldn't be
difficult to get funding).

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