On Wed, Feb 18, 2009 at 4:02 PM, Michael Peel <em...@mikepeel.net> wrote:
> If you're interested in going to schools, then you may find that the
> schools are willing to cover the travel costs etc. in exchange for a
> good educational session.
> Something else to factor in, though, is the development of the
> session content and any necessary materials.

Getting the kids editing themselves might be a good thing.

Interactive whiteboards are becoming pretty standard in schools
nowadays. I don't think a laptop is necessary.
> Also, would the wikimedians going be paid for their time, or would
> they have to volunteer it? If you pay for their time, then you tend
> to get a lot more people interested in doing a session...

I think many Wikimedians would be willing to do it for free. Paying
people to do it is a bit of a luxury, that cannot be afforded yet
don't you think?



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