2009/2/18 Michael Peel <em...@mikepeel.net>:
> If you're interested in going to schools, then you may find that the
> schools are willing to cover the travel costs etc. in exchange for a
> good educational session.

Schools have very limited funds, I think they would be far more
interested in having us visit if we paid for it ourselves.

> Something else to factor in, though, is the development of the
> session content and any necessary materials. That can of course be
> done on a volunteer basis, but it all depends on how ambitious the
> sessions are, and whether e.g. a laptop and/or a projector needs to
> be purchased (although nowadays most schools can provide those, I
> guess).

I think pretty much all schools can supply the necessary hardware.
Putting together visual aids and whatever else is required can
probably be done by volunteers.

> Also, would the wikimedians going be paid for their time, or would
> they have to volunteer it? If you pay for their time, then you tend
> to get a lot more people interested in doing a session...

If we have the money, there is no reason we can't pay people, but I
would expect we can get enough volunteers. We could probably throw in

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