Mark Koskenmaki wrote:

I'd rather just bundle a VOIP service in a higher level tier (let's move
from 38 / mo to 55 or 60/mo ) of service, but needs to be affordable for me
to do.   Still, nobody's offering this kind of service, that I can find.
Either it is sold as raw products (requiring me to build a whole VOIP system
for my customers use) or as higher than retail priced "wholesale" programs.

Maybe you stumbled upon the fact that no one offers what you want because it isn't cost effective to do so. As much as we try to wholesale our VoIP offers to other WISPs, they want their cake and eat it too. Being an ISP or for that matter a VoIP provider requires either relying on others' infrastructure, making thin margins, and making it up in volume or building out your own infrastructure and making great margins. There really is no in-between.


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