Marlon, if that's the type of product your looking for, I'll save you the hassle of looking (and you can come back to this post in 5-10 years to make your conclusions on my recommendation) because your best best is to go with canopy or wait until a 5GHz 802.16e solution comes out(not likely soon). If Alvarion would get an actual ENGINEER to debate about their RF technology compared to others on-list, that would be the day :-)

Jon Langeler
Michwave Tech.

Marlon K. Schafer (509) 982-2181 wrote:

Got it.  Thanks.

I guess my "beef" comes from being a wifi based wisp. I find it too difficult to reject interference with a csma based product. Anything with a "wait for clear air, then transmit" MAC is GREAT for collocation. But sucks when there are products around that don't follow that mechanism. That's (my personal belief) why Canopy went with it's GPS sync. It doesn't care who's already out there, when it's time to transmit it does. Trango does that to, just without sync'ing the AP's.

My REAL world experience so far is that csmak (or csma/ca, or whatever collision avoidance scheme you want to use) is GREAT where there aren't many other systems within ear shot of the radios. However, when there are other devices in the area, especially those that don't have a collision avoidance mechanism, the csma radio will pay a heavy price in performance.

Having used both csma and polling products, I'm not putting in any wifi type products at 5 gig. All of our next gen products will be polling as long as we can keep things that way.

These days, I'm learning to sacrifice raw performance for reliability and uptime. There's a balance, sure, but getting that last 10 to 20% out of a product is less important to me than having a product that can survive some of the games that my less scrupulous competitors play.

However, with EITHER technology choice, it's critical to design a network that can, and does, physically (antenna choice and ap locations) isolates your system as well as you possibly can. That seems to be the type of trick that just can't be taught. Your network designer either gets it or he doesn't. Heck, I've even done consulting gigs where I looked a guy right in the eye and gave them several choices for site locations. Only to have them pick something completely different, and sometimes unworkable.

80 to 90% of people's problems with wireless are self inflicted. Either outright or in a lack of forethought manner.

Here's an idea for you Patrick. Make this product work both ways. Give it the option to be either csma or some fancy new version of token ring. Then we could optimize performance for any environment that we find ourselves in.

Oh yeah, I remember the big hubbub about GPS in the BreezeACCESS II line. Why was it important for collocation then but not now?

Hope you guys all had a great Christmas!
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