Jon, Sigh...Sync in wimax is the preferred method for small channel
deployments to ensure QOS and protecting a scheduled mac that has not
been optimized for interference rejection.  I would also conclude that
mobility and denser cell sites for voip and indoor installs are quite
different than most UL deployments. Sync has very little to do with
using an old modulation technique that needs sync to ensure scale of any
size. I would argue that megabits per Hz, voip, and video are the things
to watch for 2007 and beyond. For further information on sync and wimax
in the UL bands keep your eye on 802.16h. 

I would add that if you can't connect a customer because of LOS issues
all the sync you can muster doesn't make a difference. Connecting those
customers and saving money on the number of cell sites, leases, and
maintenance of those sites DOES make a MAJOR difference as well as WHAT
you can sell to your customers in the form of additional services other
than just data! A well respected ISP just did a bakeoff in a metro area
and they found out very quickly that VL connected more subscriber sites
at much higher data rates. I had an engineer on the ground doing 6 meg's
up and down where Mot had zero connectivity at 6 of the 11 sites that
were the problem areas. 

As far as your statement of having "happy" customers, Marty from
Roadstar already answered that one and please keep in mind that probably
very few Alvarion shops are subscribers here (I'm trying to change that
because I think it's very important that you guys hear more from our
installed base). Maybe Marty and others will chime in on their low
maintenance and ease of install and the support we offer. I know Marty
is saving boatloads of money on the backend because of his change of
manufacturer. BTW, The 2,400 cpe 5 square mile network I spoke of in a
previous post is humming right along and could have never been built at
the same cost with Mot (and they lost the bid because of that).

As a side note: Many of my customers tell me that they just don't get
all the Alvarion dissing that has become commonplace on the lists. Look
at this current thread and how it has spun into something other than
what was intended.....One situation from one installation set the tone
for the dissing while at the same time we have a multitude of trained
and certified VAR's and wisp's that have had the exact opposite opinion
and are doing the exact installs and builds that we're being told can't
be done (and several VAR's have done 100's of them). It's a shame we
constantly have to defend our position from the constant rhetoric any
time there is a congratulating post from one of our customers or someone
asking for insight on the value of an Alvarion rollout.......Brad Larson

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I didn't make any 'claims' and as for 1,000 cpe, that's possible with 
wifi(although I'd hate to be one of the end-users). Some of the 
differences is how happy the customers are(reliability seems to play key

here), whether they're business or res., how easy it is to have lower 
cost employees deploy the network(as opposed to me and other "qualified"

or "certified" engineers that charge $10K's more/yr), and how tasked the

support and management department is, etc. Things that factor into 
operating a real world wisp. My kind of business is one I can leave for 
a vacation or another venture while having confidence the thing is going

to continue growing while I'm gone.
As for GPS sync. Maybe the cellular guys were wrong the whole time, must

be another Moto consipiracy and maybe mention that to everyone that 
developed 802.16d/e(WIMAX) including your own Alvarion engineers! ;) No 
GPS is not required, but it sure makes a lot of sense and is arguably 
'proper' for a multi cell deployment. I predict this is one of those 
things that the novice wisp will someday either understand, moved on 
beyond wireless last mile, or stuck it out and trained their support 
dept. on how to 'put out fires' for as long as possible. Of course all 
of this is my opinion but I have to go now...hopfully was enough for 
everyone to chew on ;)

Jon Langeler
Michwave Tech.

Brad Larson wrote:

>Jon, LOL. Our engineers don't watch these threads and they probably
>never will and I wouldn't want them to. It's funny that this thread was
>started by a very happy Alvarion customer whom just broke the 1,000 cpe
>threshold with VL and he's doing the very things that aren't supposed
>be possible according to some posting on this topic!! And the funny
>of it is, VL displaced one of the products mentioned...performance went
>up, truck rolls went down, and he sleeps better at night!! This thread
>reminds me of a competitor slinging mud 2 years ago saying we couldn't
>build a 3 tower network in 5 square miles to connect 2,400
>buildings...........Blah blah sync sync... LOL. We not only built that
>network but it's a prime example of how if you "KNOW WHAT YOU"RE DOING"
>and are "TRAINED AND CERTIFIED" the product works like a charm. 
>And if a wisp is building a scaling voip/data network canopy is not
>a great solution so the hassle is in the details. Brad

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