When discussing GPS, you continue to offer examples from the licensed
world, which is about as relevant as trying to do an apples to apples
comparisons of mobile licensed cellular service plans with UL fixed
wireless. As I have said before (last week), licensed uses GPS due to
the necessity of having to re-use a small amount of channel over and
over again, cell after cell. That's not the case in the UL world, except
perhaps for Canopy whose bandwidth availability is so low relative to
the channel. 

Jon, you, me, the fence post and everyone else knows why Canopy -- alone
in the entire UL 5GHz world -- requires GPS to scale, it's to keep from
stepping all over itself. It is not even a debatable point. The
recommendation is right there in Canopy white papers -- let me
paraphrase: "Deploying Canopy? What to scale? Buy this $1,500 cluster
management module for each cell! (P.S. Don't forget the $125 power

Seriously, saying Canopy's GPS (something you have to pay extra for
even) is a value-added feature is like saying my car is special because
it has tires. I have to hand it to Motorola though, they have convinced
you that the one thing no other brand needs in UL, is something you have
the privilege of paying extra for just to get your brand to work well in
even modest scale in the first place.
Patrick Leary
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Alvarion, Inc.
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I didn't make any 'claims' and as for 1,000 cpe, that's possible with 
wifi(although I'd hate to be one of the end-users). Some of the 
differences is how happy the customers are(reliability seems to play key

here), whether they're business or res., how easy it is to have lower 
cost employees deploy the network(as opposed to me and other "qualified"

or "certified" engineers that charge $10K's more/yr), and how tasked the

support and management department is, etc. Things that factor into 
operating a real world wisp. My kind of business is one I can leave for 
a vacation or another venture while having confidence the thing is going

to continue growing while I'm gone.
As for GPS sync. Maybe the cellular guys were wrong the whole time, must

be another Moto consipiracy and maybe mention that to everyone that 
developed 802.16d/e(WIMAX) including your own Alvarion engineers! ;) No 
GPS is not required, but it sure makes a lot of sense and is arguably 
'proper' for a multi cell deployment. I predict this is one of those 
things that the novice wisp will someday either understand, moved on 
beyond wireless last mile, or stuck it out and trained their support 
dept. on how to 'put out fires' for as long as possible. Of course all 
of this is my opinion but I have to go now...hopfully was enough for 
everyone to chew on ;)

Jon Langeler
Michwave Tech.

Brad Larson wrote:

>Jon, LOL. Our engineers don't watch these threads and they probably
>never will and I wouldn't want them to. It's funny that this thread was
>started by a very happy Alvarion customer whom just broke the 1,000 cpe
>threshold with VL and he's doing the very things that aren't supposed
>be possible according to some posting on this topic!! And the funny
>of it is, VL displaced one of the products mentioned...performance went
>up, truck rolls went down, and he sleeps better at night!! This thread
>reminds me of a competitor slinging mud 2 years ago saying we couldn't
>build a 3 tower network in 5 square miles to connect 2,400
>buildings...........Blah blah sync sync... LOL. We not only built that
>network but it's a prime example of how if you "KNOW WHAT YOU"RE DOING"
>and are "TRAINED AND CERTIFIED" the product works like a charm. 
>And if a wisp is building a scaling voip/data network canopy is not
>a great solution so the hassle is in the details. Brad
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