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OK, I'll forgive the analogy but, in a real emergency, you have to do

what needs to be done.

Actually, in an emergency a public safety organization should make use

of their emergency communication plan, which really shouldn't rely on unlicensed spectrum, a consumer access point, and a best effort



Probably 90% of public safety organizations' Emergency Communications Plans have made use of ham radio operators for years and continue to make use of hams today. A police officer isn't a communications expert which is why many police departments and County Offices of Emergency Services fund and support communications teams and vans manned by trained hams, who are communications experts. The use of unlicensed spectrum is becoming more and more the norm. To consider the use of a consumer access point not as the primary means of communication but as one of the many backup communications options is simply being realistic and practical.


*****Jack - someone mentioned in an earlier post something regarding the
difference between a consultant that tells you the rules or knows the
rules and one that don't. Are you a consultant ? and if so - are you
saying that using illegal means to gain internet access is OK ?



1. Yes, I am a WISP consultant, a wireless network designer, a WISP trainer, an in-the-field WISP troubleshooter, a WISP business advisor, a WISP author, a WISP auditor, and a former WISP owner. I've served over 1500 wireless companies and organizations and trained over 2000 WISP personnel since I started my business in 1993. I continue to travel across the U.S. and Canada serving WISPs, colleges, cities, and my newest client which is the County Art Museum located in the second largest city in the U.S. Because of the "magic" of wireless, the variety of different challenges that I encounter and the good will and sincerity of the clients that I work for, I still love this work as I start my 14th year serving the broadband wireless community.

2. No, I am not saying that using illegal means to gain Internet access is OK. You are putting words into my mouth and I'm not going to let you get away with that. I said that in an emergency, accessing an available open access point to provide communications for emergency personnel is OK. If you doubt that, I invite you to run it by the FCC for their opinion.

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