On 7/9/07 (07:50) Tony said:

>I've been using CSS for seven years or more and I'm trying to adopt  
>best practice in a pragmatic way, which means I can't deliver my  
>clients sites with excessively large fonts - they are trying to  
>design interfaces that look attractive and create income for their  
>business.  I'm trying to ensure the sites they get are as accessible  
>as possible, we have to meet somewhere in the middle.

On a side note, I can't help but notice that almost every site that has
been cited as a reference for reasons why default text size should not
be tampered with has a very minimal level of 'design styling'. For example:

Now, I'm not going to dispute that these are very accessible sites from
a type-size perspective. And, yes, they present their information
without unnecessary distraction. But I can also guarantee that if I took
a 'design' like that of any of those sites to a client, said client
would be out the door and off to my competitors faster than I could say

Maybe it's just coincidence. But none of those sites telling me that I
can create perfectly nice-looking, commercially viable designs using
default text sizes have actually put their design-money where their
mouth is. *That does not make the points they raise wrong*, but it means
that it feels a bit like having my dress sense criticised by someone
wearing a dirty t-shirt and torn sweat pants.

Rick Lecoat

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