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Don't what? Don't understand your instruction? Don't believe your instruction? Don't let you try to instruct them? Don't look at the good example sites you offer them? ? ? ?

yes to all of those.

most real world clients I am aware of are being driven by different desires than accessibility.

I have been an accessibility evangalist for many years, but the real world is a wrld compromise and conformity. they believe what they want to believe, the see what they see and what feels right to them is what they want.

Do they understand that it's good business to treat customers right, which on the WWW means big, easy-to-read text?

I have trouble reading that site.

first off, with a window set to 1024x768 on my 30" dell on OS X this line:

"6. The fastest growing market segment is Americans age 50+. In fact, every seven"

is over seven inches long, which makes it hard to scan - each word becomes discrete letters if you understand me...

if I remove my reading glasses, the text is so large and contrasty that I get double vision blurring. my glasses correct my astigmatism.

so in my case I want text that's readable with my glasses on, not text sized so large I can't scan it.

I wonder how many of these studies took into account that most web users with poor vision, use some means of corrective device?

body {font-size: medium !important;}

That simplicity cannot work on sites where fonts are set on particular elements, or via class ids or names. Anything much beyond that one rule is beyond the capability of any besides web design professionals accustomed to
routine use of CSS.

I've been using CSS for seven years or more and I'm trying to adopt best practice in a pragmatic way, which means I can't deliver my clients sites with excessively large fonts - they are trying to design interfaces that look attractive and create income for their business. I'm trying to ensure the sites they get are as accessible as possible, we have to meet somewhere in the middle.

and talking of UI, why are we fighting for 16px fonts in browsers when most UI text is much smaller?

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