On Thursday October 13 2016 03:34:56 Jeremy Huddleston Sequoia wrote:

> > Seen like that, yes. But then you'd end up running 2 display servers, 
> > XQuartz -> QuartzaWayland+xwayland. 
> No, there'd be no need at all for XQuartz any more.  QuartzWayland as you 
> call it would be a Wayland compositor backed by Quartz.  XWayland would be an 
> X11 server sitting on top of it.  Your xterms and whatnot would communicate 
> with XWayland which would composite them using Wayland which would use Quartz.

That's what I meant, you'd *replace* XQuartz with 2 more or less non-native 
display servers.

> Weston is the reference implementation, written on top of Linux APIs like 
> KMS, GEM, udev, etc.

Yes, I got that now. I think I must have misunderstood what xwayland really is, 
then. Usually, xsomething means "something for X11" while here it means the 
opposite :)


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