René J.V. Bertin wrote:

> On Wednesday October 12 2016 02:08:36 Jeremy Huddleston Sequoia wrote:
> >You can use xrandr from the command line to put XQuartz into
> >fullscreen mode at the native display pixel resolution (eg: `xrandr
> >-s 2880x1800`),
> That's probably a good enough workaround for the OP for now. 
> >but that will be a fullscreen mode and will render your windows much
> >smaller than what you want.
> How so? If you want 100x100 px and you get 100x100px you got what you
> asked for ;)
> Afterwards you just have to change your configuration, starting with
> Xft.dpi, and the window sizes you request. Not a problem as far as
> I can see, as long as you don't try to use those same settings on a
> regular display (and you don't depend on bitmap fonts only available
> for lower resolutions) ...
> R

thanks. that's great. i'm using xrandr -s 1680x1050 to match the
resolution of my last laptop. 2880x1440 also works but i'd have
to change font sizes as well as window sizes. i might look into
that sometime. my .xinitrc already chooses different window
sizes depending on screen resolution. it could make use of
larger fonts as well.

as an added bonus, by adding xrandr to my .xinitrc, XQuartz
(which is configured to use fullscreen mode) now starts in
fullscreen mode. yay! i still have to click in an xterm before
any xterm will receive keystrokes but that's only when i start
it up. i can put with that.

many thanks.


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