On Thursday October 13 2016 00:25:13 Jeremy Huddleston Sequoia wrote:

>Because Wayland is the spiritual successor of X11, with many X11 and former 
>X11 developers being the primary contributors to the project, and implementing 
>Wayland for macOS would allow one to use that in conjunction with xwayland to 
>effectively replace the functionality of XQuartz.

Seen like that, yes. But then you'd end up running 2 display servers, XQuartz 
-> QuartzaWayland+xwayland. 

>There's not really a point of having "an X11-based reference implementation". 

Provide a way for Wayland apps (and thus developers) to function on systems 
that don't have a fullblown/native Wayland implementation?
I'm not really following this but I got the impression that the protocol specs 
have been preceding the server implementations (of which there seem to be 
several at least, including apparently KDE's KWin5 ...)
It's possible I have misunderstood what I read about Weston (it doesn't help I 
saw Burn Notice before ;) ).

>I think you missed https://wayland.freedesktop.org/xserver.html

As I said, I'm not really following this, partly because everytime I do look I 
get the impression things are still very much in flux.
Not only does X11 do the job for me at the moment *), I'm also not yet ready to 
give up being able to connect remotely. Somehow the idea doesn't feel right 
(yet) of having to run the equivalent of XQuartz on a Linux/Unix workstation.

If Wayland itself is scheduled to support remote displaying then that would 
make a big difference, esp. if somehow the Mac implementation could support 
remote OpenGL through the OpenGL and AGL frameworks. I've been tinkering with 
Qt5's xcb plugin on Mac; locally it works fine regardless of whether you link 
it to the X11 OpenGL libraries or the frameworks, though I do get an error of a 
GL context not being released in recent Qt versions (even on local connections).

*) The only thing I've always really missed is a possibility to redirect an 
application from one display to another. If something else can provide that and 
full X11 compatibility I'll be over before I know it :)
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