On Wednesday October 12 2016 10:25:00 Jeremy Huddleston Sequoia wrote:

>I've thought about it.  It would certainly mesh a lot better with macOS than 
>X11 does, but AFAIK, nobody has mentioned working on it.  I'd expect a 
>discussion in xquartz-dev at least mentioning the project if they were.

Why would it be discussed on the XQuartz list? Wayland isn't X, even if (AFAIK) 
there exists an X11-based reference implementation.

The question is of course what point there is to port it. Make it easier to run 
Gnome/GTk apps or improve their user-experience? It's not like all legacy X11 
applications will all of a sudden be able to render to a Wayland server (unless 
I missed something).

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