On May 24, 2007, at 10:44 PM, Steve Kalkwarf wrote:

Only being curious but how many tag collections/collections does other users have (especially the developers would be interesting because they are so against having a structure through folders or smart tag-collections in smart tag-collections).

I have 4 regular collections, and 4 tag collections. I have 732 items.

I spend roughly 0 minutes a day organizing my data, and get at what I need by searching.

I spend no time in organization as well (if tagging is not organizing stuff) - for this i have tag collections (for quick overviews over special topics)

Yes, we're working on search performance, as I speak...

Please - offer an "or" and a "-" (for excluding tags in the search) -- I want to do searches like "japan or china" & "economics"… and there would be even more differentiated searches i want to do… like a search which gives me any combination of japan, china and economics, politics
which would be
japan, economcis
japan, politics
japan, economics, politics
china, economics
china, politics
china, economics, politics
japan, china, economics
japan, china, politics
japan, china, economics, politics


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