First I'd like to say that this is an excellent time to get this 
going. Winter break is coming up and I believe Chris will be out of 
school very soon.

I would like to help with maintaining web content since that is 
something I'm good at.

Also, we don't need a group C. I can generate faster than anyone 
here probably, since I work in a computer lab (and have two 3Ghz 
computers in front of me). Just give me a txt with all the input 
sequences and I bet I can get like 300 done a day.
(Remember to use the ~U and the mask code for say RULM.)
This should be done by group A.

We need much more group D people, heck everyone should be a group D 


--- In, "cmhardw" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hey everyone,
> Richard Patterson and I have been talking, and here is a proposed
> delgation of responsibility.  We're really turning into a research
> team like Gilles said, so I think it would be best if we delegated 
> responsibility.
> Here is the proposed delegation.  Let's see how this would work 
> on our resources, and also with what each person wants to do.
> -----------------------------------------------------------------
> A->  The lead will be in charge of delegating groups B, C, & D.
> B->  Those in charge of Web Space Management have two main
> responsibilities.  First,
> to receive raw sequences from group C, and to post them online in a
> way that it is
> readily available for group D.  Second, to post optimized sequences
> received from
> group D.
> C->  This group's main responsibility is to generate raw sequences 
> target cases,
> as delegated by the lead.  Upon generating those raw cases, this 
> will be
> responsible for sending their output to group B.
> D->  This group is responsible for optimizing raw sequences posted
> online by group B.  Upon optimizing, this group will send their
> results to group B to be posted.
> **  To insure focus and synergy among the groups, the lead must
> collaborate with all
> the groups.  The target cases should be known and sought by each
> group.  This will
> help for organizational purposes.
> -------------------------------------------------------------------
> Also since we are a small group, we may need to overlap a little 
> as well.  I am willing to do any of the above responsibilities.  My
> computer processor is open for searching, and I also really enjoy
> optimizing sequences.
> Also we can use my space on to post sequences that 
> both raw sequences and optimized.  I will e-mail Ron as well and 
> if we can use the space on the algorithms page for our final 
> This is really exciting!  I think with this group effort to 
> ZBLL that we will be able to bring it into prominence as a method 
> get others interested.  Also, I belive that a group effort could 
> ZB a very efficient method, possibly even more efficient that 
> It sounds like we are all dedicated and ready to start working on 
> method.  All we need now is to organize ourselves and we can really
> efficiently start optimizing algs.
> Let me know what you think.  It already sounds like we have people
> wanting to do certain things, so let's try to organize.
> First thing, everyone say what you think of the proposed 
> First off, does it fit our resources?  Also, do we have enough 
> to make this work?  I've made a database, basically just a roll 
> of who is interested in working in taking part of the optimization.
> Well, we won't be the inventors of ZB, but we'll sure be 
remembered as
> the ones who really turned it into a nice speedcubing method :-)
> Let's really turn this team [zb] idea into a serious team that's 
> known in the speedcubing community.
> Also, with the new variations that are coming up, I think we should
> handle those accordingly on the central website.  Any alternative 
> ZBLL that includes ZBLL will need optimized algs, so perhaps we 
> start with those cases first in our optimization.  If we can fill 
> the algs necessary for a variation of ZB with super nice algs, 
> we can bring the skeptics into the method by allowing them to try a
> superfast variation of ZB before committing to the whole method.
> This is all very exciting for me!  I'm glad that we all have the
> interest in this method!
> Ok, everyone post in the database if you are interested in being on
> the research team, and also what resources are available to you.
> Thanks everyone, and I think we've definitely become a full 
> team.  Now we just have to show the speedcubing community that 
> serious, and that we mean business.
> Chris
> Team [ZB]

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