I'm not very good at using ACube, and my computer is a laptop that becomes hot quite fast so it's gonna be a bit hard for me to help with computer research.

I think I need to have a good definition of an optimized algorithm :
Is it just  an algorithm that ACube gives and then we adapt it so that we can do it easily (and fastly of course) or is it something else ?


2005/12/12, cmhardw < [EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
Hey Doug,

Wow that would be awesome!  I can start coming up with some search
strings that I always use.

Also, I think we should come up with a set procedure for the searching
so that every case gets the same amount of search time.

Here is what I think should be done based on my experience with the T
and U cases, but I'm of course open to suggestions.

First search for quartern turn optimized algs and print out all of them.

The startup string for ACube is then
java -cp ACube3.jar ACube qa

Then search for all algs (this includes ones in RULM, RUF, etc.. since
it prints every alg, or at least most of them, more on that later).

Then since we have to accomodate all styles we should do the same
thing in also HTM and STM.

So the other two search strings would be
java -cp ACube3.jar ACube a (for HTM, since ACube defaults to HTM) and
java -cp ACube3.jar ACube sa

Now, everyone gets a copy of the QTM optimized list, and then the STM
users also take the STM list and the HTM users take the HTM list too.

When searching for an alg try to find the best ones on the QTM list
that are also on either the HTM or STM list.  This gives you an idea
of what a fast alg in either HTM or STM is like.  Then compare you QTM
and HTM dual optimized alg to other algs on the HTM list and see if
one is better.

That is how I found all my ZBLL algs.  The QTM list is an amazingly
powerful filter for algs, and I always use it in conjunction with the
HTM list (STM users would do well to also use it for their STM algs I

So the most important is that we have a search string with each of these
java -cp ACube3.jar ACube a
java -cp ACube3.jar ACube qa
java -cp ACube3.jar ACube sa

Also, the program is more likely to find suboptimal length cases if
you search within your preferred faces.

Suboptimal length algs tend to be the faster ones for me (not always
of course).

So you would again search in QTM for algs in the RULM group say, and
also in the HTM group.

It is a tedious process, but the algs you get out of it the best
quality I've been able to find.

So this would mean that we may need to do a lot of searches on each case.

For example take a new H case.

Now search that case in QTM with
java -cp ACube3.jar ACube qa

after that search is over, run another one still within QTM for every
preferred move group.  RUF, RULM, etc..

Now restart ACube in HTM and STM and do the same, do an all search,
and also search for our preferred face groups.

This may be very repetitive, and not the most efficient way.  I am not
a computer programmer, so those with computer experience please help
to optimize this process!

Basically, this is the procedure I used to find my best algs for ZBLL.

I think the most important is that any search must have a QTM
counterpart to compare to the HTM and STM search to dual optimize each
alg for HTM and QTM or also STM and QTM.

Also, it is very important that we also search specifically for moves
in our preferred move groups, since Acube doesn't print out every
single alg it finds, but only 95-99% of them.  Also this maximizes
your chances of finding the suboptimal length algs that are super fast
(suney type algs are a good example, ACube optimal searches weed them
out almost 100% of the time, since they are almost never optimal
length)  I could only ever find suney type algs with searches in RUL
moves specifically.

Again these are just my thoughts, you guys have more computer
experience than me by far!  Let's come up with a rigid procedure for
generation raw algs!  This will be a very important substep to moving on.


--- In zbmethod@yahoogroups.com, "Doug Lee" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> First I'd like to say that this is an excellent time to get this
> going. Winter break is coming up and I believe Chris will be out of
> school very soon.
> I would like to help with maintaining web content since that is
> something I'm good at.
> Also, we don't need a group C. I can generate faster than anyone
> here probably, since I work in a computer lab (and have two 3Ghz
> computers in front of me). Just give me a txt with all the input
> sequences and I bet I can get like 300 done a day.
> (Remember to use the ~U and the mask code for say RULM.)
> This should be done by group A.
> We need much more group D people, heck everyone should be a group D
> person.
> -Doug

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