Ok so :-)
My webspace is open for that kind of work.
I'm not a very good computer/internet code programmer but I think I could get something done by tomorrow. But Doug might do it better than I do.

What exactly do we need  ?
I think a web interface which will make our work easily to view for people and easy to manage for us is the main goal.

So basically we need some sort of form we can fill in which will automatically generate a page for the visitor.
We need :
1. Alg
2. Image(s)
3. Cube Applet - It might be long to load the page, especially if we have a long list of algorithms
5. Time

What else could we add to make our work more efficient and easier to read ?

- ZB Research Team

2005/12/12, cmhardw <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
Hey Gilles,

Wow that website looks nice!  Perhaps we can use it for where we post
our raw algs and the ones we optimize also?

I would also like to mirror our final choices on speedcubing.com under
the algorithms seciton, but there's no reason whatsoever we can't have
it on our working spaces too.

team [zb]

P.S.  Absolutely you can sign with "team [zb]"  It's a self selecting
group.  If you feel you should be a member of team [zb] then you are a
member of team [zb] and can sign with the tag :-D

--- In zbmethod@yahoogroups.com, Gilles van den Peereboom
> I totally agree with that organisation :-)
> We should just wait a few days to have all the volunteers and start to
> organize it completely.
> I added a record to the database :
> today I worked on a few raw alg my computer found and I really liked
> working on them and turning them into trigger friendly and easy to
> execute algorithms.
> Here is what I have done today :
> www.belgiancubes.be/zbll (if it doesn't work today, it will probably
> tomorrow because it's a brand new domain name, the dns might not be
> spread all over the world yet)
> I'm excited by this zb thing. I just re-praciced the few T algorithms
> I learned a while ago, and I'm happy to see I haven't forgotten them
> :p
> Gilles.
> PS : can I sign with [team zb] after my name ? :p
> 2005/12/12, Mike Bennett <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

> >  --- In zbmethod@yahoogroups.com, "cmhardw" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> >  >
> >  > D->  This group is responsible for optimizing raw sequences posted
> >  > online by group B.  Upon optimizing, this group will send their
> >  > results to group B to be posted.
> >
> >  > Also, with the new variations that are coming up, I think we should
> >  > handle those accordingly on the central website.  Any
alternative to
> >  > ZBLL that includes ZBLL will need optimized algs, so perhaps we
> >  > start with those cases first in our optimization.  If we can
fill all
> >  > the algs necessary for a variation of ZB with super nice algs,
> >  > we can bring the skeptics into the method by allowing them to try a
> >  > superfast variation of ZB before committing to the whole method.
> >
> >  > Chris
> >  > Team [ZB]
> >
> >  Count me in to help optimize things, and work on various variations.
> >  I've already started working on learning Doug's cases to insert a
> >  cross piece, and I'm also working on placing the final 5 edges once
> >  oriented.  Useful for my new method, and for if you forget a cross
> >  piece.  I've a got a few other ideas in the works, but that's all
> >  got time for right now.
> >
> >  Ready when you are, commander.
> >
> >  -Mike
> >  team [zb]
> >
> >
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