Hello All,

My only concern with allowing the entire world as we
know it an inner peek at our discussions, is the
"safety" factor. If I remember correctly, upon
initially signing up for various groups, I had to send
an email to the moderator explaining why I wanted to
join and what I would bring to the group(beer and
salsa:). I would assume this is done with the purpose
of screening out spammers and other undesireables. I
did join knowing full well that this was not the
Priory of Sion, the Masonics, etal. But....we have all
posted some relatively close personal information that
any old wacko trolling Google could see and decide he
takes a dislike to i.e. "Some Zen priest in Las Cruces
is a pacifist and I hate pacifist". With what little
info our resident priest has given, it would be no
issue for this wacko to track him down. Many of us
have exchanged information in posts about what states
we reside in, our family members, our likes and
dislikes, all of which is more that enough to start
"profiling" someone. I work in a school district where
this type of thing is becoming a real problem. Up to
this point it has been a game of "cat and mouse"
between the school district, teen students putting all
there info on "My Space", Police and the offending
wackjobs. I would hate for something to happen to
someone. The other option would be to self edit all
our posts for all possible identifying information,
before submittal. I can surmise most posts would be
pretty "vanilla", an example being: "Hi, I would tell
you my name, but I cant. I would talk about my
personal likes and dislikes, but can't out of fear of
giving you identifiable information. I would love to
chat Zen with you, but that might allow you a piece of
information you could profile me with."

Alan(OOPs!, Damn, personal information again:)

--- Al <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> From: "Dave" <repressed hostility and mindless
> blather>it sure seems
> obnoxious in so
> far as most people Don't know, and also, since
> currently 2 to 1 don't want
> to reveal their naked Dharma to the googling world
> without their knowledge.
> Jeeeshhh..>
> Grow up and get over it.

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