On Sunday, August 13, 2006 Ian and I (Bill!) had the following exchange:

>>Is there spirituality in Zen?


I was very surprised (and disappointed) that no one called me out for giving
a 'yes' or 'no' answer to this question when in my posting just previous to
this I explained in detail why a 'yes' or 'no' answer was not appropriate.
What happened instead was however no surprise: that my 'yes' response was

That response was to Ian's post and Ian's post alone.  If someone else had
posed that same question to me in a different circumstance the response
would probably have been different.  It may have been 'no' - maybe to Kahty;
or it may have been 'have some more avocado dip' - maybe to Donald.

There is spirituality in zen and there is physicality in zen.  There is
logistic regression in zen, and there is blue, flat-bottom, smooth and
crunchy in zen.  BUT, knowing or believing all that is NOT going to help you
realize your buddha nature.  Belief in spirituality, physicality, logistic
regression, etc... are just not contributing factors in realizing your
buddha nature.

So, put all that kind of thinking aside and just sit.  Count your breathes,
recite your mantra; chant your chant; work on your koan; or just sit
(shikan-taza).  Do whatever it is you were instructed to do by your teacher.
Just what that is doesn't really matter.  Just do it, do it as well as you
can - and sit.  That is how you will realize your buddha nature.


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