About sticking with a practice, I have the following story to share with you.

In our group, we have a Japanese ladied practicing with us.  After three and half years, she asked me, "I am confused and not making progress.  While I am observing my Dharma Wheels, I am also focusing on my belly breathing.  I don't know which one I should focus on and my Dharma Wheels do not respond to me."  I told her, "Just forget everything. Relax.  Let your body talk to you."

Two weeks later, she was so delighted to share with me, "Wow, all my ten Dharma Wheels are responding as well as my Fire, Water and Wind Routes."

Now, not only she can sense and share the pain in others.  She also experiences glimpse of events.

Diamond Sutra said, "All methods are like the dreams and bubble."

As Bill emphasized, "Just sit", maybe the most effective.


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> There are many paths to get to the top of the
> mountain, but if you keep jumping from one path to
> another one, you'll never get anywhere.
> Some people can reconcile following more than one
> path, but they are few that can actually do it.
> We all "believe" that the end up to the same place.
> But how many have reached the top and can actually
> tell us that any path will get us to the same place?
> My view is, take your path and follow it, regardless
> of anyone else is saying. This may fall into an
> organized group, it may not.
> Serge

I think it is important to pick a practice and stick with it. I am a
Zen practitioner, regardless of what I read. I take all my reading,
studying, doing whatever else I do to be a part of that practice.
I'm not into creating some new religion where you wake up at 4:30 go
to the zendo to sing Hallelujiah at the top of your lungs before
chanting the heart sutra and then reading from the Torah. (Though
that sounds like fun.)

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