Well,  Moooo! works better, but you got the idea! An oldie but a goodie (the 
joke, that is..). 

Mike :)

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On Oct 9, 2008, at 12:21 PM, mike brown wrote:

Hi Edgar,

Does a cow have Buddha nature?


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Morning Margie,

Well that answers the koan 'does a dog have Buddha nature?'  What doesn't?



On Oct 9, 2008, at 9:30 AM, roloro1557 wrote:

Morning Edgar,

Not only that, but I see people doing zen (or getting done by zen) all
the time who are obviously not zennists. Watch a mother and her child,
or someone really into their work, or children. I used to do a lot of
babysitting for friends of mine. Once when I was sitting with little
Eddie my music teacher dropped by with some notes for me. It was
winter and very cold out. I asked my teacher to stay for a hot cup of
tea. Eddie asked for lemonade, and I asked him if he wanted ice. He
said "Yes." My teacher said, "It's wintertime, cold outside, why do
you want ice?" Eddie replied very matter-of-factly, "It's not
wintertime in my cup." Perhaps it was one of those things where you
had to be there, but it's one of the most zen things I've ever seen.

Zen is everywhere, all the time. You never know where and when it will
turn up. Animals are eloquent zennists, without ever sitting zazen or
reading books of quotes of old Chinese masters.

Margie (roloro1557) 

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> Margie and Anthony,
> Margie is correct. There are no such comparisons in Zen, no black 
> belt rankings. Zen is not something 'in' a person, or 
> that a person can 'have'. Zen is simply the way the entire universe
> actually is. 
> It's just a matter of looking and seeing and dancing in tune 
> with the Uni-Verse.
> Edgar



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