Hi Margie,
This escapist approach is a good idea (no joke). Why not live in a fool's 
paradise (please note I am not sarcastic). It is one way to be happy. 
Should we forget about our own present and possible future suffering, and that 
of other people? Please don't be offended.

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Hi Anthony-

I think the best way is to concentrate on what's happening right here,
right now.

Margie (roloro1557)

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> Edgar and Margie,
> I am fine at this moment, not really suffering a lot. Meanwhile I am
scared by stories of suffering. If you think the best way is not to
think about suffering, just 'think' about the present, I can say
nothing more. Edgar, with your scientific approach, please read
carefully the nderf, then tell me they are all bullshiting.
> Regards,
> Anthony


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