Hi Margie,
Then change my term from morality to peaceality or whatever that can ensure 
peace. I am also opposed to manmade standards of morality, which, like you say 
lead to endless arguments and struggles. 
In order to maintain peace, you need something to go by. I have trouble 
accepting 'just it'. Or Buddha nature, which not everybody follows. You can say 
everybody has Buddha nature, but when it comes to performance, the opposite is 
frequently true.

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Hello Anthony-

How does morality contribute to peace? Look into history, and ask
yourself, how does morality contribute to peace? Isn't the result
exactly the opposite? Morality creates turmoil because then people
start arguing about which morality should be the "rule". Wars have
been fought over this, lots of them. 

I really think it's an important question for you. How does morality
contribute to peace?

Margie (roloro1557)

--- In [EMAIL PROTECTED] ps.com, Anthony Wu <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi Margie,
> If there is peace without morality, I will live with it. I just
don't like turmoil. I can forget about right or wrong. Because the
latter would normally leads to endless argument with different standards.
> Regards,
> Anthony


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