Before I see Bill's reply, I would say, 'zen - like magic, difies logics'.

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Subject: [Zen] Re: Black Zen Masters?
Date: Thursday, 23 October, 2008, 5:45 PM


I've just send you the email and see what you mean!. You mean that 
one has to show the noodle before the water boils. This is because 
when the water boils one can't see the noodle, isn't it?

You and your thoughtful questions...


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> > 
> > Mac. A. Roni: Show us your noodle before you the water was 
> to a
> > boil!
> > 
> Hi Bill;
> This say sounds a contradition. How can one show oneself noodle 
> before the water was brought to the boil?. I'm comparing the noodle 
> with the internal knots and the boiling water as a non tranquil 
> When the water is brought to the boil, the noodle shakes and can't 
> coordinate with reason. Imposible to see and therefore show the 
> noodle!!!. The noodle will need to be taken away from the boiling 
> water, won't it?
> As soon as I see your post I open it with curiosity. It's really 
> great having someone like you in this group.
> Hope you can receive all emails now. Hope the problem of the post 
> has been sort it out. I haven't had any problems with this website 
> yet. I did in the past experiencing alike problems as yourself. 
> now post goes into the group in seconds. 
> Have you checked the spam and trash post?. Check also the 
> and Firewall, antispy...
> May I call the attention of the Administrator of this website and 
> check what is going wrong with the post to some members?
> A Scottish automn leaf to you
> Mayka


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