Why not? I still plan on winking at the bearded, hairy men I meet. I'd love to 
be Jeff Hopkins' boy toy-well he IS 13 years older than I am. (ever see his 
picture on the back of The Tantric Distinction? I'd give anything to finish 
unbuttoning his shirt.) 
In Googling Zen Buddhism, I saw plenty of Spanish language sites. There must be 
a few out there running meditation centers. That's why I snarkily reminded 
people to be sure not just to check out the USA-you know those others countries 
where just about everyone speaks Spanish?


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Subject: [Zen] Re: Black Zen Masters?
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Date: Friday, October 24, 2008, 8:23 AM

Endymion <So you mean to say there's documented evidence of Zen 
masters REFUSING to allow blacks and hispanics to sit zazen and they 
also refuse them entrance to the dokusan rooms to ask questions?

No, it is just a coincidence that blacks and Hispanics are not Zen 
Masters. I would think there must be one somewhere. I know that there 
are a few dykes who are Zen Masters. I wonder if they still use their 
dildoes after enlightenment?



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