Dear Bill

You will see my other posts to Chris and Artie, which partakes of some of this 

I think you have it correct, Rumi uses the term Beloved and we could substitute 
God, Allah, Void, Absolute, Buddha Nature, as our own exercise in Post Modern 
Comparative studies . . . Having said that it has a particular context within 
Sufi studies . . . in fact it could have up to 99 meanings (since the Absolute 
is expressed as destroyer, compassionate, patient, loving, wrathful, etc -- I 
could go on) . . . just like our own reality . . . it does not mean anything 
along the lines of Jesus loves me this I know for the Bible tells me so, or 
something along those lines. Or particularly a loving god, which seems to be 
the meaning ascribed by our good zennist friends here.

I realize that many Westerners have a Jesus/Judaic Monotheistic hangover and 
then assert emphatically all kinds of things about Zen that perhaps is 
unconsciously formed by our western heritage.  This stuff is very subtle to say 
the least.  

That's why I asked what "Beloved" meant to those who appeared to give a rote 
Zen answer, whether they understood the context. For if they understood the 
context, I don't think there is much to say.  You just look at it and pass on . 
. . there really is nothing to assert of take away from . . . Zen really has 
nothing to say about Rumi at all, right? We either enjoy the poem, or we don't 
. . . we can't ascribe all kinds of zenny stuff to it . . . and if we have no 
interest in comparative studies, well that speaks for itself, what could we 

All this is why I don't enter into the Tibetan/Zen/Buddhist this or that 
dialogue . . . I don't think we are going be served all that well, other than 
to tell others what we are all about.  The lineages are not served.  It is just 
talk . . . which is okay, for we all like to talk or we would not be here at 
this moment.  I guess what I am saying, is that I try to keep it where I have 
tasted, not what appears to be useless to me.  I see all the books on Tibetan 
Buddhism in the bookstores, see the Dalai Lama, seems like a swell guy to me, 
but I don't have any experience with them so I don't contribute. Likewise, I 
have a sneaking suspicion that some here don't know anything about Rumi or 
Sufism.  That's okay, that would, in my estimation, be the time to wait and 
watch, another Western impulse, having an opinion about everything.  One thing 
that I noticed with Sufi teachers and Zen Masters from the East, is that they 
did not offer much when they didn't know.

When I went to sit zazen in LA and had an interview with a Zen Master after my 
divorce, he asked where I had been.  I told him, "I have been the with the 
Sufis."  He smiled at me and nodded, big long smile . . . 

He asked, "how was the journey?"

"Good," I said.

"And recently, " he asked?

"Uh, I been getting divorced."

"How long?"

"About 9 months."

He didn't smile then, he nodded and said, "you are in the middle of it."  

I thought about it.  "Yes, I guess so."

"Don't reject it . . . accept it."

I nodded.  

Then he said, "Welcome home."

Sufism and Zen, in my experience is sort of like that . . . folksy, real, hard, 
reality bitten, work, news, bad and otherwise, and it encompasses compassion . 
. . 

Uh, the Beloved

By the way, Rumi could have been speaking about Shems (Sun) who was his 
mystical teacher who took him out of legalism and into higher states of 

donkey is never happy

K among the interviewed

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> Chris and Artie,
> I assume from the context the Sufi use of the term 'beloved' is equivalent
> to the Zen Buddhist term 'Buddha Nature'.
> What are your thoughts?   .Bill!
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> Chris-
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> > What is the beloved to you?
> To me "the beloved" is a concept, an idea, and has no meaning at all.
> There is no reality in it. In other words I don't "believe in" a "beloved". 
> Artie
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