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Subject: Re: [Zen] Positive neural changes in the brain due to meditation?
Date: Thursday, 21 October, 2010, 18:36


The dualistic conception of open-mindedness/closed-mindedness is a 
meaningless, illusory/delusory fixation of our religio-cultural mind-set.
For instance, is it the Supreme Ayatollah, the Pope or the Grand Rabbi of Yahoo 
groups who will infallibly pronounce on who is which (open-minded or 
closed-minded) on the Zen Forum?
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> Mayka, I really like that point you make about really nothing new being 
> learned because of having an open mind to things. That's given my brain 
> something to ponder on for the day :) 
> And I do see where you're coming from with regards to science taking 
> mindfulness and meditation, stripping them right back, and taking them away 
> from their context (sort of thing).
> Rose

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