Actually yelling is just a violent exhale.  It would be followed by a violent 
inhale – gasping for breath.

This is an excellent breathing technique…Bill!


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That sounds terrible Chris.  And this is what I meant by reading or overhearing 
about breathing but with no experience at all into that.   As a woman I should 
have encouraged her to yell as much as she wanted if that would help her to 
dilate better and cope her pain.  I would have hold her hand very gentle but 
very firm and talk to her with reassurance and kindnest.  LIstening to her 
voice, to her body..  Being one with her.  Breathing with her.  It's the heart 
acting as the guide that brings all that sensitivity, unity between a patient 
and a carer, nurse, doctor...I wonder if they can make an statistics about the 
heart too.




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> If mindfulness is show in a scientific way the outcome will be a disaster

I have more faith. Scientists are humans, and there has already been much 
suffering relieved by the meditation based therapies described in the article. 
Science is another human activity.

I agree tho for physically therapies you want a person who does their work with 
grace. Your story reminded me of a nurse that was present while my wife was 
delivering our first born, with out pain meds and therefor rather loudly 
working at labor. At some point the yelling upset the nurse who yelled at my 
wife, "do your relaxing breathing that you learned." despite the indubitable 
power of conscious breathing, it was not a helpful thing to yell at that time. 

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