Fools learn through their own foolishness; wise women and men learn from
the foolishnes of fools.



> It sounds more a joke this last response in an attempt to cover up
your previous foolishness.

> I read sometime ago somebody say:  "We can't be deceived by anyone but
just oneselves".

> And by the way many, many people including British come to live to
Spain not just because of the weather but also for good the joy and good

> We don't have physiotherapy to make people laugh, some countries you
named have been having that for many years.

> It's unluckily that you can teach a Spanish person from Europe how to

> Mayka

--- In, Maria Lopez <flordel...@...> wrote:>
          Mayka, Would you say that the Spanish do not have a sense of
humor - like the English and French do? --ED

Mayka, No use at all.  Like zen practice, it has no goal. It's just an
example of spontaneous expression in the moment of one's  buddha nature.
(But in the long run it may help cultivate a non-attachment to one's own
egolessness and a non-aversion to ego-puke in others.) --ED       ED:  
What is the use of tickle someone else ego?     Mayka 

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