I'm not blind to the light - it's just the advertising I don't get. I guess I'm 
just like the man who writes to Tampax saying that he's been smoking their 
product for years but still can't play tennis or ride a bike.


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No problem, Mike.  When one day you experience light, then you can talk about 
anyway you prefer.

Until then....  :-) 

Be Enlightened In This Life - We ALL Can 

On 10/24/2010 7:58 PM, mike brown wrote: 
>Sorry to pick on you JMJM, but this one paragraph below illustrates the point 
>I'm making about the efficacy of applying the scientific method to zen over 
>>Pure consciousness is the soul after death. Originally, human bodies were 
>>luminous. However, they are covered by our consciousness, just
>like clouds covering the sunlight. After death, we will end up in an unknown 
>space according to our consciousness. When we go beyond our
>sub-consciousness, we enter the realm of the Eighth Consciousness (Alaya 
>Consciousness), and then we witness the light of our self-
>nature. This light is not outside of us. It is inside. It's the light of life 
>and wisdom, and the light is full of supernatural
>powers. Its powers are tens of times more powerful than that of the human 
>or any power we know of. Such powers are beyond
>To me that kinda begs the question: will I be able to walk thru walls like a 
>ninja if I really apply myself? : )


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