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> Nevertheless, in our society today, we tend to grant people the autonomy to 
> do their own thing and arrive at their own insights in the fullness of time.

So you are saying we should grant people their autonomy, that seems fine. Your 
original statement I took as to be saying we should let people choose their own 
priorities, which i find To be difficult as priorities are not really knobs to 
be tuned so much as emergent phenomena. Honestly, in my experience one big 
factor in what the people around me work on is what I work on. When I work on 
listening intently to people, I find the world much more focused on hearing 
what I have to say. And when I work on trying to have people see the benefits 
of sitting, then I create a little anti-Zen backlash in the people around me. 

> > > So, what if they are 'attached'?
> > > What business is that of anyone else?
> > Well, we are all one. 
> > Thanks,
> > Chris Austin-Lane
> We are all one what? 

Excellent koan! 

> The Buddha did say: "Work out your own salvation with diligence."

We are, pretty much. 

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